About us

It all began 20 years ago with the book “My Year in Provence” by Peter Mayle, which triggered a wonderful dream for me (Rose).

The dream of wanting to live in Provence. The description of the people, the region and the whole philosophy of life in the book has never let me go.

The time had come more than 15 years ago. The purchase of an 800 year old house with incredibly thick walls. It has been lovingly renovated for years. With a look at the soul of such walls, the region and German perfection, something wonderful has emerged.

And now the dream comes true. A second Provencal building in a neighboring town was also acquired and now the dream of a life in Provence is being realized.

Renting out the 800 year old house and the 4 independent apartments in the newly acquired domicile make for a wonderful job while enjoying Provencal life.

We both “quit” the job. The French language has made great strides in the last 15 years. And English was brought to a high level in a 10 month full time course. The German language was “born” in both of us. And my partner also speaks the Italian language.

My partner will ensure with his food truck that there will be delicious German grilled food in the Provencal markets in the future.

All guests in the beautiful “Paradis de Provence” enjoy culinary delights straight from the food truck on Wednesday evening.

You will easily get into conversation with locals while you enjoy your food, drink or coffee. You will experience the Provencal philosophy of life up close and certainly make another friendship.

This evening is completely free for you. An evening that is sure to be unforgettable for you.

We look forward to you
Rose und Sirio