Booking Confirmed

We are pleased to inform you that your reservation request has been received and confirmed.

Please transfer 50% of the total amount as a deposit to the following bank account:

Rose Petry
IBAN: FR76 1027 8010 0400 0215 5320 155
Purpose: your name and booking ID / number
Amount: 50% deposit of the total amount

(Transfer all other costs no later than 7 days before arrival, see below for details)

Prices and general conditions for all objects:

  1. After confirmation of the booking, 50% is due immediately for the booking to take effect.
    The other 50% is due 7 calendar days before arrival (bank transfer). Cancellation is not possible.
  2. Final cleaning for the “Orange” holiday home: 100 euros, due 7 days before arrival.
    Final cleaning for all holiday apartments: 50 euros, due 7 days before arrival.
  3. Deposit: 500 euros, due 7 calendar days before
    Getting there. This will be refunded after departure.