High profile in October

International art exhibition (French-German) and book presentation by a Spiegel bestseller author

Sea view, ass on ground ice:
How I quit my job, moved to the south of France and forgot how to fear

That’s the name of the book by Spiegel bestselling author Brenda Strohmaier. She lives alternately in Berlin and Marseille.

Funny, tragic, wheel-breaking – how a woman starts over in the middle of life in France.
For decades, Brenda Strohmaier gave everything for her job, her bosses and her husband. But shortly before 50 she is afraid of becoming one of those embittered German women who look like a poison murderer. When someone raves about Marseille, she drives there – and wants to stay immediately. Because of the light, the people and above all: the slowness. She finally learns French, buys an apartment with the “charm of the past” (= in need of renovation), resigns with a grand gesture. Brenda Strohmaier is wildly determined to take up the fight against her inner existential fear. And there’s a good chance she’ll win it.

Linguistic wit is Brenda’s trump card. In the Paradis de Provence you can meet Brenda personally. She will read from her book and spend the whole evening/night at Paradis de Provence. So there is plenty of time to talk to her.


Pictures by the artist AWA (Annette Wassmer) entitled “Provence”.

The interior designer with distance learning in art from Freiburg had already stayed in Paradis de Provence for several weeks in the course of 2021 and 2022 to work on her pictures.

O-Ton AWA: “when I work on pictures with the title “Provence”, then I need the light of Provence and the flair of Provence for inspiration”. Without further ado, she set up her easel on the street/square in front of the Paradis de Provence and began to paint. People stopped and stopped the cars. She was the topic of conversation…

Together with AKOI (see below) a great combination of two artists has emerged. The two artists complement each other perfectly with their different styles. And both, together with Brenda, fit perfectly into the Paradis de Provence (German-French).

It is the first exhibition abroad for AWA. The last exhibition was in Freiburg with the title “Colours”.

Here is a little inspiration from her:

AWA will present itself and its images personally and will be present throughout the exhibition.


Full-blooded artist AKOI AKA

AKOI was born in Africa. He attended high school in France/Grenoble and also studied there. His works have already been shown in many exhibitions: Paris, Monaco, Grenoble, Avignon, Montpellier, Uzes, Nimes and many more. m.. Glass Paintings is his specialty.

He has made a name for himself as an art curator. Since 2013 he has regularly organized successful exhibitions for many well-known and lesser-known artists in his “Tour de Guet” (The Watchtower) in Tresques. All this in a stylishly restored old tower with a breathtaking 360 degree view.

And here you can get to know AKOI in a few minutes in a video. Also its internationally renowned tower.


He has also written a book entitled Traité de la guerre des sexes (Treatise on the War of the Sexes).

He will personally present his pictures during the vernissage.


The vernissage and book presentation/reading will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. (please register). Hobby chef and experienced waiter Henric take care of the catering.

After the vernissage, the exhibition is open daily up to and including October 25, 2022 between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. AWA is present daily during the exhibition and will be happy to guide you personally through the exhibition.


The Paradis de Provence now with crown *** / ****

In early summer 2021, the Paradis de Provence opened its doors. And now, less than a year later, came the surprise. The Paradis de Provence has been crowned with stars. 3 stars *** for all apartments. And believe it or not, 4 stars **** for the “orange” holiday home.

That makes us incredibly proud. We will do everything we can to continue living up to these stars. We want our guests to spend a truly heavenly holiday here. That was always our idea and now we have been rewarded with stars. It spurs us on…..

Thanks to our guests and to all friends of the Paradis de Provence.

Rose + Sirio

In the Paradis de Provence the hare is loose

The New Year’s Eve celebration at Paradis de Provence was wonderful. Even the Freiburg radio station “baden-fm” reported on our beautiful party on New Year’s Eve.

Now we have also come up with something nice for Easter. Nature is already in full bloom in Provence at this time of the year.

Colorful Easter flowers will decorate the property. All apartments will receive a beautiful Easter decoration. Of course also outside on the property. From Easter lambs to rabbits and Easter eggs, there is a lot to discover.

One of the highlights will be the big Easter fire on Easter Sunday. Followed by a delicious plancha menu. Of course free of charge. And of course drinks too. Easter cocktail, wine and beer etc. Nothing will be missing.

Another highlight is the Easter egg hunt. Many delicacies are hidden on the property and whoever finds the “golden egg” can be particularly happy. A week’s holiday in Paradis de Provence at half price.

We are already looking forward to a great party with all guests in the open air at fantastic temperatures.

Rose + Sirio

The turn of the year in Provence – and now already in Easter fever

It’s already January 2022. We had a fantastic first year in our Paradis de Provence with our guests. We hadn’t imagined it to be so paradisiacal. We owe it all to our wonderful guests. We don’t want to miss a day. The year ended with a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration. Together with our guests at the plancha and wish balloons that flew into the sky at midnight sharp. During the day we were happy about almost 20 degrees and bright sunshine. It couldn’t be better. We say thank you to everyone who has been with us during our inaugural year. Some guests have even stayed with us more than once.

And now we are already looking forward to spring and Easter. We are already working hard on ideas for a successful Easter celebration. More on that soon here……..

Rose + Sirio

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Provence – a dream

Dear guests,

it’s only been a few months since we opened our beautiful holiday homes in Provence. The beautiful “Paradis de Provence”. We were fully booked for the summer very quickly. The guests were enthusiastic and left nice entries in our guest book on the homepage. That makes us very proud.

Even at the opening, we had the idea in mind to always offer our guests something special. Now it’s time again. All apartments are now comfortably heated. The “bleu” apartment even has an electric fireplace with a fire burning in it. If desired, even with blazing noises.

The “orange” house has always been really warm and cozy in winter, because it is heated and also has a huge wood fireplace. There is enough wood available on site.

In Le Pin, there is an approx. 3 meter large Christmas tree outside in the entrance area from Advent. In the “orange” house, this is on the terrace. Everything is beautifully adorned and decorated, just as you are used to from the “Paradis de Provence”. There are other Christmas decorations in all accommodations. Nice, but by no means cheesy or cluttered.

On December 24th you can look forward to a Christmas barbecue together on the huge fire plate grill / plancha (1 meter diameter) with lots of delicacies (and not only the usual things, but also very unusual dishes under the guidance of Sirio, the professional chef). In addition, mulled wine, Christmas stollen, gingerbread and much more. And of course there are gifts under the Christmas tree.

There is also the appropriate ambience on New Year’s Eve. Adorned, decorated and at midnight with popping corks by the outdoor fire, tasty treats for the palate and much, much more … Let yourself be surprised.

Celebrate with us. Regardless of whether it is Christmas or New Year’s Eve. We are already looking forward to it.

Rose + Sirio