New Year in Provence

Now I’ve been to the Paradis de Provence for the 5th time. I was the first guest and was allowed to open the Paradis in 2021.

The turn of the year 2021/2022 was great. With a fantastically beautiful buffet under the starry sky and great other guests, it was a pleasure. Whether I was in Paradis in summer or winter, it was always pure relaxation. When the temperatures were hot, I especially loved the “bleu” apartment. There I could sit wonderfully at the stone table under the green arbor that provides shade. Now, at the end of the year, I was in the apartment “jaune” with a great view from the living-dining room to the green mountain. I can’t decide which apartment I like best. When I open the curtains and the sun is shining, my heart always opens. I haven’t had a single rainy day in all that time. What more do you want. Beautifully furnished apartments and the care of the owners leaves nothing to be desired. As a solo traveller, I especially appreciate the German-speaking hosts.

It was always very nice in the neighboring town “Uzes”. Very touristy in summer and lots of shops for shopping. The selection at the markets, especially fruit and vegetables, is a particular highlight. You won’t find anything like that in Germany. The many sights and cultural events must also be mentioned. A region where there is everything you need on holiday.

I’ll definitely be back very soon…..