Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Provence – a dream

Dear guests,

it’s only been a few months since we opened our beautiful holiday homes in Provence. The beautiful “Paradis de Provence”. We were fully booked for the summer very quickly. The guests were enthusiastic and left nice entries in our guest book on the homepage. That makes us very proud.

Even at the opening, we had the idea in mind to always offer our guests something special. Now it’s time again. All apartments are now comfortably heated. The “bleu” apartment even has an electric fireplace with a fire burning in it. If desired, even with blazing noises.

The “orange” house has always been really warm and cozy in winter, because it is heated and also has a huge wood fireplace. There is enough wood available on site.

In Le Pin, there is an approx. 3 meter large Christmas tree outside in the entrance area from Advent. In the “orange” house, this is on the terrace. Everything is beautifully adorned and decorated, just as you are used to from the “Paradis de Provence”. There are other Christmas decorations in all accommodations. Nice, but by no means cheesy or cluttered.

On December 24th you can look forward to a Christmas barbecue together on the huge fire plate grill / plancha (1 meter diameter) with lots of delicacies (and not only the usual things, but also very unusual dishes under the guidance of Sirio, the professional chef). In addition, mulled wine, Christmas stollen, gingerbread and much more. And of course there are gifts under the Christmas tree.

There is also the appropriate ambience on New Year’s Eve. Adorned, decorated and at midnight with popping corks by the outdoor fire, tasty treats for the palate and much, much more … Let yourself be surprised.

Celebrate with us. Regardless of whether it is Christmas or New Year’s Eve. We are already looking forward to it.

Rose + Sirio